Choosing a suitable headpiece for the melbourne races

Major horse racing events are an important event in the social calendar and most race courses have a dress code for those attending the races, especially for members. The horse races are the preferred occasion for women and men to show off their fashion style, clothes and accessories. Headpieces like hats, caps, headbands and other items are usually associated with horse racing, and both men and women usually wear elaborate headpieces for the races they attend. Many women who are planning to attend the races would like to find out what headpiece to pick for the melbourne races, what the trends and options.


There are many factors which have to be considered while choosing a headpiece. One of the most important criteria is the thickness of the hair and the haircut. Another factor which should be considered is the shape of the face of the woman. Bright colors are preferred for the horse races since they are attractive and visible from a distance. Most fashion designers who specialize in designing head-wear for the races, advise the client to first finalize the outfit which they are planning to wear for the races. Then the headgear will be designed to complement the outfit after considering other factors discussed earlier.


For simple dresses, it is advisable to have hats with a crown of colorful flowers. These flowers may be made from satin or similar material and look realistic. For colorful dresses and outfits, it is better to have headgear which is small and simple. In all cases, the color of the hat and decor like flowers should match the color of the outfit. Women who want more elaborate headgear can get one made from pearls or crystal to complement their dress. Before finalizing the Ashley Lauren crown headpiece races it is also advisable to ensure that it is comfortable for the wearer, and will remain in place for many hours, even in windy weather.

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