Popcase Australia Review

Funko Pop vinyl figures are so cute and attractive. These figures are immensely popular. Many Australian people love to collect these small cute figures.

But, the main headache is to display them properly. Hence, they need strong and enhanced pop cases.

‘Popcase’ is an Australia company. They make superb pop cases. Their pop cases have unique features. Hence, they are the best cases to showcase your ‘Funko Pop’ collection.


Popcase Australia Review


Multiple Size Options

You may have a small or a huge vinyl figure collection. That’s why this company builds different size pop cases. You can have small pop cases, medium pop cases, and large pop cases.

Small cases can have 4 figures (in the boxes) or 6 figures (out of the boxes). The medium cases can contain 6 figures (in the boxes) or 8 figures (out of the boxes). Their large case can showcase 10 figures (out of the boxes) or 8 figures (in the boxes).

As a result, you can choose your pop case size according to your requirements. So there will be no wastage of money.


Versatile Display Options

These cases can be hung in two ways. You can hang the case vertically or horizontally. This means you just don’t have to keep your Funko pop figures on your dusty bookshelves.

Moreover, these boxes come in two colors – black and white. So, you can choose your favorite display box.


LED Cases

To grab your guest’s attention, you need something unique. Hence, ‘Popcase’ has built LED cases. These cases run on battery. So, you can display them anytime anywhere.


Supreme Quality Materials

These Funko pop boxes are built with great quality materials. These lightweight materials keep your figures dust-free. Moreover, these boxes are durable. So, they last long for years.


Pre-order Option

You can buy a vinyl figure even before it comes to the market. It’s called a ‘pre-order’. This option will always keep you ahead as a Funko pop collector.


Apart from all these features, this site provides local free shipping and huge discounts. So, you should visit this Australian site to buy perfect Funko pop cases. (www.popcase.com.au)


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