What Is a 457 Visa Australia?

The visa 457 was formerly known as a Temporary Business Visa. It was the most common visa for Australian employers who wanted to sponsor skilled workers from other countries to come and work in Australia temporarily. Nonetheless, this type of visa allows a person to travel in and out of Australia if it’s is valid.


457 Visa Changes

In March 2018, the visa was abolished and replaced with the current Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS 482 Visa). The change was meant to make the migration program reliable. With the changes, most employers apply for approval as a Standard Business sponsor. It takes around three years to get approval. There is a limit to the number of people who can be sponsored over this time. The employer can be a business operating in Australia and overseas.


457 Visa Subclasses

There are two subclasses under the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.

· A short-term visa – Two-year visa with a renewal option. The renewal is done only once.

· A medium-term Visa – Four-year visa with a renewal option. After three years, it might result in Australian PR.


Employer Eligibility


· For visa approval, the business sponsor is required to provide details that show that the sponsor is a lawfully operating business.

· The sponsor should also show the financial ability to meet all sponsorship obligations.

· The business must meet specific training benchmarks. If it is a startup company, it should have an auditable plan to meet the training benchmarks.



The employer must apply for permission to sponsor residents for the specific nominated positions. The criteria followed are:

· The job must be in an occupation on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List.

· The applicant is paid a base rate of at least the TSMIT

· The terms and conditions should be equivalent to that of an Australian.


Employee Eligibility

· They must have a sponsorship offer from the employer

· They must have the required skills for the nominated position, and be eligible for the required registration and licensing.


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